Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

Security Risk Assessments

Today’s threat landscape is continuously evolving, and organizations need to treat information security as a business management issue with an equal emphasis on people, process and technology.

As the technology needs of businesses continue to increase, the potential vulnerabilities and entry points into critical business systems also increase in-step. To deal with these persistent threats, organizations need to implement advanced security testing policies, because waiting until an attack has started can mean the difference between a small issue and an actual crisis.
A CyberSecurity Risk Assessment will enable organizations:
  • Determine the scope of systems and assets supporting essential lines of business or processes.
  • Identify related systems, assets, regulatory requirements and/or compliance mandates.
  • Identify threats, vulnerabilities, impact, and likelihood that harms will occur.
  • Benchmark business practices.
  • Prioritize remediation steps in an effective plan based on your company’s specific goals, budgets, and timelines.
A cybersecurity risk assessment is one of our core competence. We take a snapshot of your current security status and measure you against your choice of a variety of standards. In today's global economy, data held by a company encounters many opportunities for a breach in its life cycle through interactions with business associates, credit providers, insurance, and health providers. As more business transitions from paper to electronic technology instances of Cybercrime continue to rise. There are no exceptions; all businesses are targeted by cybercriminals looking for vulnerabilities. Ultimately, it is the business' responsibility to manage and protect static and in-transit data containing PHI and PII.

Examples we often encounter and more:
  • HIPAA/HITECH Privacy and Security Rule's assessments. Preparing for the OCR audits or assess your current compliance status is complex. We can determine and identify your gaps making realistic and actionable recommendations.
  • DLP implementation readiness assessments. Do you want to make sure you ease into DLP without overwhelming your staff? Do you need to perform a privacy impact assessment for EU works councils? We can help you prepare a rollout plan, including the detailed settings and response processes, to improve the chances of a gradual and smooth DLP implementation.
  • GLBA risk assessments. Do you need to conduct an information risk assessment of a new business process or application, such as a mobile product? We can perform an independent analysis and identify material control weaknesses per the GLBA Safeguards Rule.
  • Corporate policy compliance assessments. How well does your organization measure up against your privacy, security, and records retention policies? We can provide an independent viewpoint.
  • Cloud provider due diligence. Don't move your data to the cloud until you've compared the privacy and security pros and cons of your different options.
  • Work-from-home assessments. How comfortable are you that you have your work-from-home risk managed? Contact us to talk through your different options.
  • FISMA assessments. Does your company do business with the US Government? You may need to complete the FISMA process, and we can help you with that
The smallest breach of intellectual data, PHI or PII, can result in penalties, fines, and damage to a business' reputation including loss of revenue. Securityminders helps you understand the requirements of legislation, rules, and laws governing protected information. For companies in the Health Care industry, we are practiced and pay particular attention to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) which requires that covered entities invest the time and expense necessary to ensure compliance with the many requirements surrounding the accountability and security of PHI.
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